Update for Eversense CGM

Senseonics, the manufacturer of Eversense CGM, has decided to stop initiating new patients on the current CGM.  Existing patients will be supported.  They are hoping to soon submit a new application to the FDA for a 6-month sensor.  In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are focusing their efforts on this process.

The world's first implantable continuous glucose monitor!

(see below video for more details)

We are certified to place the Eversense CGM, and have been inserting and replacing them for over a year now!  It is the first implantable continuous glucose monitor to make your diabetes control easier.  The sensor lasts 90 days and has on-body vibration alerts for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, and a 180 day sensor is soon to come.  Eversense CGM is currently covered by Aetna, Humana and BCBS of Illinois (Boeing insurance included). Medicare previously announced coverage starting in 2020, but new patients will have to wait until Senseonics opens up the program again.  Regardless, this coverage is exciting and suggests that many other insurance carriers will follow suit.  The manufacturer offers a Bridge Program to help with the cost for those not covered.  The placement of the sensor involves a minor procedure done in the office.  When it is time to replace, the old sensor is removed and a new one is placed.  Continuous glucose monitoring is an essential tool for managing diabetes, so check this out today!